I’m Healthy TODAY

As I write this, I’m in great physical condition.  I’m going to be 50 in a few months and I look forward to being able to say that; I definitely don’t look 50.

I had a torn rotator cuff and have some pain but I’m healthy.  I have no problems and I can do almost anything I want.  I go to the gym about 5 or 6 days a week.  I lift like a 15 year old which is why I tore my rotator cuff.

Again, I’m health Today.  Right at this moment and it’s an incredible experience and I need to appreciate it now.  It only get worse with age.  Enjoy it now. So important.  These are only words but this concept needs to be thought of more from everyone.  We’re limited on this earth and we’re limited to healthy days.  So thankful; there’s are so many that aren’t.

Cancer scares me.  I’m a big anti-antioxidant so if I die from lot having them, their information is wrong.  Those that have cancer are heroes  takes strength   Those with any disability are majorly strong.  Hard life.  I say I don’t think I could be happy and not have my full health but I guess it’s something you grow accustomed to; there is no other choice so make the best of what we have.

 I’ve seen a few girls in wheelchairs that are the nicest in the world.  Big probs and love for those that can’t live normal days or health today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better with them (physically and mentally) as each day is enjoyed.



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