Pope Francis

I’m Jewish.  Proud to be.

My mom’s parents passed away early and the blamed the Gods above so although I was Jewish, I wasn’t raised in any type of religion.  My close friends were Jewish and at that time, growing up on Miami Beach, the masses were Jewish.

There were times in my life I attempted to learn the religion but never carried it through.  I may not know much of the religion but I feel in my heart that i’m Jewish and celebrate it the best I know how.  During Hanukkah I light the candles and say the prayer although I know I leave a phrase out for lack of remembering it.  I once told a customer (a Rabbi) that I was a bad Jew and his response was “there are no bad Jews”.  Since then, it made me feel better that I don’t work at it harder.

I have visited the Vatican and was amazed by it’s beauty.  I loved feeling the history of everything.  I didn’t like all the money that was spent nor do I like the money that is spent currently.  With all of the Christians suffering, it just doesn’t seem right for that empire to be run that way.  I’ve been intrigued by the recent Popes but they always seemed to be above the people other than for the people.  I liked Pope John Paul II; there was something about him that was likable but still had a problem with the money spent.  Then came Pope Benedict that I felt didn’t relate to the people and I just felt his heart wasn’t in the right place.  The same way I feel about most Pastors/Priest; they are in for the money.

Then comes Pope Francis and as the process of him was being elected, the distaste from the others was ready to continue.  Nope.  This man seems genuine, humble, one of us.  I genuinely caring person.  The cardinals got it right.  He doesn’t care about the money (so it seems) and just wants to be able to pass his message.

A nice change for that religion.

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Tiger Woods

So I’m not a Tiger Woods fan.  He became number one in the world again due to his latest win.  I think he belittles people and I don’t care for his attitude.  

I have a belief that if you want to be number one at anything you do, you have to think your number one.  If you don’t believe you’re the very best, you never will be but when you think your the best in general, you look like an ass.  I think every elite athlete feels there is no one better but don’t bring that attitude off the court/field.

I wonder what would have happened if he didn’t have his scandal.  We’re seeing history now with his play but we would have seen so much more without the mess.  It definitely affected his game and now he’s catching up.  

What ashame.  It could have been so much more.

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I’m Healthy TODAY

As I write this, I’m in great physical condition.  I’m going to be 50 in a few months and I look forward to being able to say that; I definitely don’t look 50.

I had a torn rotator cuff and have some pain but I’m healthy.  I have no problems and I can do almost anything I want.  I go to the gym about 5 or 6 days a week.  I lift like a 15 year old which is why I tore my rotator cuff.

Again, I’m health Today.  Right at this moment and it’s an incredible experience and I need to appreciate it now.  It only get worse with age.  Enjoy it now. So important.  These are only words but this concept needs to be thought of more from everyone.  We’re limited on this earth and we’re limited to healthy days.  So thankful; there’s are so many that aren’t.

Cancer scares me.  I’m a big anti-antioxidant so if I die from lot having them, their information is wrong.  Those that have cancer are heroes  takes strength   Those with any disability are majorly strong.  Hard life.  I say I don’t think I could be happy and not have my full health but I guess it’s something you grow accustomed to; there is no other choice so make the best of what we have.

 I’ve seen a few girls in wheelchairs that are the nicest in the world.  Big probs and love for those that can’t live normal days or health today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better with them (physically and mentally) as each day is enjoyed.



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Academy Awards 2013

I’ve been watching the show and have mixed feelings about it.  The bottom like it’s an award show for the rich and famous and they end up giving awards out to Themselves

On the other hand, it’s entertainment and Americans love entertainment.  It’s a club that’s hard to get in but once you’re in there, it certainly should make like easier and more fun.  Obviously there are bad stories that have used that wealth the wrong way.

The gifts and clothes are in a setting that give millionaires take home gifts and eat some amazing exquisite food; the rich get richer.  Maybe money to help our children would be something this business could help those in need.  But it’s a day for another subject.

At the end of the day, call me jealous.  I would love that kind of lifestyle; and would hopefully stay humble
Celebrities must give charity (not shure how to determine that) for a non-profit organization sent give in various different ways (not just to one organization), you would see the world a better place.  Nothing that would be too outrages … $5000.00 (or more).  Pennies to most; money is hard to part.

It’s great to have the Academy Awards a show that is nice to watch.  No violence, with the exception from the losers -) ) and basically rated G.  Something that doesn’t happen much so it’s the only reason I think it’s a must have in our society.

A little too much photographing but I presume that’s part of the ritual that makes this even like is it.

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Human beings.  We’ve all been put on this earth for the same reason.  To try to enjoy life.  Many struggle and it seems unfair but that is life.  I’ve never understood violence.  What we watch on tv today is incredible.  We, as human beings, do horrible things to each other.  Doesn’t make sense to me.  I’ve never wanted anything bad to happen to anyone; certainly been angry but never as a means of violence.  I guess it’s people still trying to get by but another way.  Sad.  Sad we can’t get along.

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Another Day

I’m just not getting it.  I just read about a 20 year old student who shot a girl in his home and then decided to shot some random people before killing himself.

I admit that I’ve been fortunate enough to have never been in dire straights.  Maybe the mind does terrible things when in that state but to randomly shoot people is unconscionable.  

Unfortunately, it becoming all too common.  The stories are becoming the same.  The actions end up the same.

There are real problems going on in our world and all we are doing is resolving each circumstance.  We need to figure out why and what to do.

If we leave it to politics it will never get done.  A sad statement but a true one.

I voted for President Obama.  I didn’t feel I had another option.  I have watched him have kids behind him and speak about gun control.  I have watched him have policemen behind him and talk about budget cuts.  Still no resolve.  Politics, hmmm.

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My Blog

My first blog.  Why? To get my thoughts out.

Today I wake up (that’s a good thing) but i’m not much of a morning person.  I follow my regular routine by going to my home office and reading the local paper.  Maybe that’s a bad start for there is never anything good in the news.

What do we have today?  Jesse Jackson Jr. charged with campaign fraud; Fraud on a massive scale in Europe’s horse meat scandal; Dorner likely died of self-inflicted gunshot; Russian meteor a wake-up call.  That’s just the top four.  

Why are we depressed? I think society makes us.

The next news is about cruise passengers tell of hoarding and fifth and it doesn’t end.

I’ve been on numerous depressant drugs, as well as drugs to give me energy, make me think better, etc.  We don’t need these, we just need good news; positive news.

I’m not on any drugs anymore, I don’t need them.  I truthfully don’t think anyone needs them.  It’s a matter of programming your brain to be positive.  How easy does that sound but how difficult that is.  It’s taken me a long time to figure out I don’t need drugs to survive.

i know we need to surround ourselves with positive things and in today’s world, that’s almost impossible.  The news derives on our failures and what everyone is doing wrong.  Since that will never change, it’s up to ones self to push through and keep positive.  Those are the people that will survive this tough world we live in.

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