Academy Awards 2013

I’ve been watching the show and have mixed feelings about it.  The bottom like it’s an award show for the rich and famous and they end up giving awards out to Themselves

On the other hand, it’s entertainment and Americans love entertainment.  It’s a club that’s hard to get in but once you’re in there, it certainly should make like easier and more fun.  Obviously there are bad stories that have used that wealth the wrong way.

The gifts and clothes are in a setting that give millionaires take home gifts and eat some amazing exquisite food; the rich get richer.  Maybe money to help our children would be something this business could help those in need.  But it’s a day for another subject.

At the end of the day, call me jealous.  I would love that kind of lifestyle; and would hopefully stay humble
Celebrities must give charity (not shure how to determine that) for a non-profit organization sent give in various different ways (not just to one organization), you would see the world a better place.  Nothing that would be too outrages … $5000.00 (or more).  Pennies to most; money is hard to part.

It’s great to have the Academy Awards a show that is nice to watch.  No violence, with the exception from the losers -) ) and basically rated G.  Something that doesn’t happen much so it’s the only reason I think it’s a must have in our society.

A little too much photographing but I presume that’s part of the ritual that makes this even like is it.

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