Pope Francis

I’m Jewish.  Proud to be.

My mom’s parents passed away early and the blamed the Gods above so although I was Jewish, I wasn’t raised in any type of religion.  My close friends were Jewish and at that time, growing up on Miami Beach, the masses were Jewish.

There were times in my life I attempted to learn the religion but never carried it through.  I may not know much of the religion but I feel in my heart that i’m Jewish and celebrate it the best I know how.  During Hanukkah I light the candles and say the prayer although I know I leave a phrase out for lack of remembering it.  I once told a customer (a Rabbi) that I was a bad Jew and his response was “there are no bad Jews”.  Since then, it made me feel better that I don’t work at it harder.

I have visited the Vatican and was amazed by it’s beauty.  I loved feeling the history of everything.  I didn’t like all the money that was spent nor do I like the money that is spent currently.  With all of the Christians suffering, it just doesn’t seem right for that empire to be run that way.  I’ve been intrigued by the recent Popes but they always seemed to be above the people other than for the people.  I liked Pope John Paul II; there was something about him that was likable but still had a problem with the money spent.  Then came Pope Benedict that I felt didn’t relate to the people and I just felt his heart wasn’t in the right place.  The same way I feel about most Pastors/Priest; they are in for the money.

Then comes Pope Francis and as the process of him was being elected, the distaste from the others was ready to continue.  Nope.  This man seems genuine, humble, one of us.  I genuinely caring person.  The cardinals got it right.  He doesn’t care about the money (so it seems) and just wants to be able to pass his message.

A nice change for that religion.

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