Another Day

I’m just not getting it.  I just read about a 20 year old student who shot a girl in his home and then decided to shot some random people before killing himself.

I admit that I’ve been fortunate enough to have never been in dire straights.  Maybe the mind does terrible things when in that state but to randomly shoot people is unconscionable.  

Unfortunately, it becoming all too common.  The stories are becoming the same.  The actions end up the same.

There are real problems going on in our world and all we are doing is resolving each circumstance.  We need to figure out why and what to do.

If we leave it to politics it will never get done.  A sad statement but a true one.

I voted for President Obama.  I didn’t feel I had another option.  I have watched him have kids behind him and speak about gun control.  I have watched him have policemen behind him and talk about budget cuts.  Still no resolve.  Politics, hmmm.

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