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My first blog.  Why? To get my thoughts out.

Today I wake up (that’s a good thing) but i’m not much of a morning person.  I follow my regular routine by going to my home office and reading the local paper.  Maybe that’s a bad start for there is never anything good in the news.

What do we have today?  Jesse Jackson Jr. charged with campaign fraud; Fraud on a massive scale in Europe’s horse meat scandal; Dorner likely died of self-inflicted gunshot; Russian meteor a wake-up call.  That’s just the top four.  

Why are we depressed? I think society makes us.

The next news is about cruise passengers tell of hoarding and fifth and it doesn’t end.

I’ve been on numerous depressant drugs, as well as drugs to give me energy, make me think better, etc.  We don’t need these, we just need good news; positive news.

I’m not on any drugs anymore, I don’t need them.  I truthfully don’t think anyone needs them.  It’s a matter of programming your brain to be positive.  How easy does that sound but how difficult that is.  It’s taken me a long time to figure out I don’t need drugs to survive.

i know we need to surround ourselves with positive things and in today’s world, that’s almost impossible.  The news derives on our failures and what everyone is doing wrong.  Since that will never change, it’s up to ones self to push through and keep positive.  Those are the people that will survive this tough world we live in.

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